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Understanding Packet Lawful Intercept

Training Course Outline

Course Duration:
1 day

Training Course Description:
The next generation of telecommunications networks will deliver broadband data and multimedia services to users. The Ethernet interface is becoming the interface of preference for user computers, IP Phones, Digital IP Television and network servers within the network itself. The network infrastructure will deliver these high performance IP services over Switched infrastructures deployed using Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) with telephony services provided by H.248 call servers and VoIP.

Law enforcement agencies require the ability to intercept voice and data calls without the user being aware of the interception. In circuit switched environments this is enforced via attachments to the circuit switches. However in the new generation of packet based services different approaches will be required.

This course provides an understanding of how Legal Intercept may be added to 21st Century converged networks. It will provide a detailed understanding for implementers, designers, managers and infrastructure engineers that need to plan, implement and use the new generation of networks and services.

When you have completed this course you will be able to:
  • Describe the basic function of Packet Lawful Intercept
  • Select the appropriate options and for interception
  • Build infrastructures to deliver Intercepted data
  • Meet the appropriate interface standard

Delegates should have a good understanding of IP and WAN technologies.

Understanding Packet Lawful Intercept includes the following modules:

Overview of Lawful Intercept Architecture of converged 21st Century Multi Service Network

  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
  • Requirements of Interception Systems
  • Warrants
  • Investigations where data is key protected

Lawful Interception Architecture

  • Voice and Multimedia connection
  • Packet Cable Interception Model
  • Cisco Lawful Intercept Model
  • Handover Interfaces
  • Mediation Device
  • Intercept Access Point
  • Target identifier
  • Intercept Related Information
  • Lawful Intercept Administration Function
  • Location and Addressing Considerations
  • Content Encryption
  • Protection from detection by the subject
  • Protection from unauthorised interceptions
  • Capacity

Content Intercept Request Interface

  • SNMPv3 Interface
  • Management Information Base
  • Intercept Content Interface
  • Application to Voice over IP networks
  • Local Voice Services
  • Content Request Interface

Handover Interfaces

  • TS 133 108
  • Basic principles of the Handover Interface
  • Circuit Switched Domain
  • Packet Switched Domain
  • Identifiers at the Handover Interface
  • Performance Requirements
  • Multimedia Domain
  • IP Delivery of Intercepts TS 102 232
  • Remote Operations
  • FTP Transfer
  • Delivery Networks

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